Saturday, June 9, 2012

Review #1 : Pelamin Akad Nikah

Assalamualaikum :))

For the first review.. lets have a look at my solemnization dais.. tadaa~

Hee.. It was done by me and my mom using 80% available things at home. So is a simple & budget DIY pelamin. The sketches below was my original ideas. Well, it turn out like i imagine only that adalah jugak banyak cacat cela nya.. buat-buat tak nampak je eh? hehe... It was my first time designing & creating the dais with limited time, sources & money... But i'm satisfied..

Almost everything you see in the picture is the existing stuff in the house.

1. curtains
2. sofa
3. carpet
4. pillow

Lucky enough I have such a sweet friend to borrow her awesome glass stand and platform, thank you Ain :))

The only thing that I have to buy is

1. two mini spotlight
2. glass vast
3. artificial orchids & leaves
4. fresh green bushes (which my mom use to decorate her garden later on)
5. Crepe paper for the paper flowers on the backdrop.

I was thinking to make a larger paper flower backdrop like these which was sooo beautifully done by the bride themselves:

...but I ran out of crepe paper. I look everywhere for the matching colors, went to 4 stores but all ran out of stock. Soo..I just have to settle with my original ideas.

I wish I can do this again... I hope my 16 years old sister will get marry soon so I can do hers.. HAHA..