Friday, June 8, 2012

Episodes of Review Begin.

Assalamulaikum =)

It's time for wedding reviews. I'll try to do it series by series according to the list that I adapt from Rilla in her blog. I will start off with the review that I have pictures of. It might take a while for me to receive the pictures from my OP... anddd I need to finish up my project paper this month. =/
  1. Kad Kahwin
  2. Akad Nikah Ceremony (Overall)
  3. Akad Nikah Pelamin
  4. Akad Nikah Doorgift
  5. Akad Nikah Attire
  6. Akad Nikah Playback
  7. Bilik Pengantin
  8. Hantaran
  9. Akad Nikah Colour Theme
  10. Reception Ceremony (Overall)
  11. Reception Attire
  12. Reception Pelamin
  13. Reception Doorgifts
  14. Reception Colour Theme
  15. Entertainment During Reception
  16. Catering
  17. Wedding Cake
  18. Bertandang Attire
  19. Official Videographer
  20. Official Photographer
  21. Pengapit
  22. Hand Bouquets
  23. Make-up
  24. Wedding Shoes
  25. Post-Wedding Photoshoot
  26. Honeymoon Trip

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