Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Inside the GROOM's head . .

Assalamulaikum :))

Today i'm going to bring something new to the table. Usually we always hear from the bride perspective and point of view about the wedding preparations and reviews... unless if you girls know any guys that have a groom-to-be (g2b) blog or community that we are not aware of?? please do share... I bet girls would love to stalk them.. =p

When it comes to marriage, people are more fond of asking the bride. . .what are their feelings before the aqad? . . yeah, the girls will be all mushy about it. hihihi.

My husband was kind enough to share with us how his day was on the day of the akad nikah ceremony. We girls must think that we are the most nervous person of the day?? think again . . Boy oh boy . . we have no idea what went through a guys head.

The story below is written personally by my husband =))


6.15am - Waking up that day, i stared at the ceiling for about 10 minutes before getting up,

It’s the day of my akad nikah, the day i would become a husband, it’s safe to say that today is one of the most important and significant day in my entire 30 years old life. That is quite a lot to take in but to tell you the truth i asked myself that morning,

“ rase cool je kan bro? Takde laa berdebor sangat kan?”..hehehe

9.00am - Few of my relatives has also arrived the day before, everyone is at my kaklong’s place right now. Lapar... with all my young nieces & cousins at one place, the “huru hara” kinda contributes to my “tak berdebor” attitude. Time for breakfast, that morning i also need to go and pick up my hantaran at j***** creative near batu 3. Nak jadi cerita i forgot to bring along my phone,

11.00am - by the time i came back to kaklongs house,it was already 11.00AM, looked at my phone –text from epa ,“ j***** pukul 11” ,(aduhai).. maka teruslah rushing ke Batu 3.

12.00pm – when i got to j***** creative, epa was already there, luckily she also just arrived, hehehe...salina and bella were also there as epa’s “bodyguard”... then BOOM, when i saw all my hantaran are ready...it then struck me


Starting from that moment, i think my thermostat gone haywire, sebab badan rase


epa pulak cool je nampaknye..Hmmm, wonder what is going through her head,,(scratch2)... by the time i finished loading all my hantaran,epa n Co. has already disappeared..(banyak lagi kot yg nak setel kat umah,)..soo done there, time for me to head home also.

So this the sequence of events that conspired between 2.00pm – 8.00 pm

2.00 pm—sampai rumah, angkat hantaran

2.15 pm – took a shower

2.30 pm – solat zohor

2.50 pm – took a shower

2.55 pm - took a shower (again)

3.10 pm – went for a facial- my sisters exact word to the akak “jangan picit kuat2 sangat muka adik saya tu, malam ni dia nak akad nikah, lebam plak muka malam ni..”

4.30 pm –came home, took a shower

4.45 pm – solat asar

5.00 pm -- went for a haircut

5.30 pm – took my car to the car wash

6.10 pm – came home, took a shower

6.30 pm – layan anak buah, Najihah

7.20 pm – solat maghrib

7.35 pm – took a shower,

7.50 pm – off to usj3

Fuh, that is a lot of showers, nasib baik laa negeri selangor airnye tak mahal,,hahaha

Can’t really blame me, my thermostat is broken :P

Dup dap dup dap dup dap....

I never knew how his day went on the day of the event until i read this story today.

Thank you for sharing this with me, I feel like falling in love with you all over again, <3 <3

p/s: from the moment he saw the hantaran until before the ceremony, the only thing that was going through his mind was the lafaz aqad . . . " aku terima nikah . .aku terima nikah " hehehehe

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