Friday, January 20, 2012

Ideas: Reception Dress.

Assalamualaikum =))

I'm having a bit of a dilemma with my wedding dress to wear during my reception. It didn't quite turn out like I wanted. It's very plain and simple, with beaded lace at the bottom of the dress only. It is tight around the legs and flares out a bit at the bottom with no tail or trail.

The first time I put on the dress . . . It doesn't give me any feeling of excitement AT ALL. It feels like i'm just wearing a dress for a dinner function. Is it just me, or we do need to feel happy in our wedding dress?

It kills my mood for the whole week just thinking about the dress. I tried to calm myself, thinking.. "Hey, wedding dress je kot.. kenapa nak bride-zilla bagai, ramai lagi orang yang takde wedding dress pon". I showed the dress to my mom and my friends . . .negative respond. They didn't like it either. So I didn't want to go to the extend of making a NEW dress, I thought there must be a way to alter the dress to out-shown it at the reception. Plus, it wasn't my fault that it turned out that way.

I like the idea of having a tail to my dress.. It will definitely makes me, the 142cm girl, looked taller . . . then again it wasn't the alternative since there's not enough lace to do that. Bye bye beautiful tail.. ='(

To my surprise, I stumble upon a dress that look almost like my dress with the solution that I've been looking for...

This beautiful wedding dress is done by ARMA Couture.. plain top with a heavy beaded lace skirt.. and add a trail on top of that.. BINGO!!

Last week I just got back from Bandung, it's crazy there in Pasar Baru Bandung I tell ya.. will make an entry about that later. So now I already ask my tailor to do the alteration, and I'm soo freaking nervous to see how it turned out this time. Have to wait until March =/

Just wondering, If my trail is around 1 feet.. How long should my veil be???

I need to find the perfect tudung style to bring out the overall look...hmm hmm..

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