Wednesday, January 25, 2012

#24 Hunting for THE shoe.

Assalamualaikum, =))

Last two days, two days in a row, I went shoe hunting!! Sounds like fun eh? hahaha. Better think again. I went out looking for my wedding shoes and hantaran shoe.

Let me make this clear, MY FEET IS A SIZE 3, T-H-R-E-E!! Tres! =)

I don't really have a favorite wedding shoe in mind, despite that I cannot be that fussy in terms of design because i might not have much of a choice considering the size of my feet. T___T

But.. i really like to have a bedazzled platform heels as my wedding shoe. Yes I need that extra extra inch to look taller. In fact, i've been wearing a lot of high platform wedges lately and kinda get used to it already (minus a few times I stumbles on the ground in public).
No pumps for me though..I will trip out of my shoe in one of those.. I guess pumps don't really work for a small feet like mine. Huhh.. susah tahu kaki kecik and runcing ni.. I think I can wear a pump, but I need to put a lot of padding inside.. bawah, kiri, kanan, tumit.. but never tried that before. Kalau tak, boleh je beli Aldo yang tengah 70% sales at OU tu.. haihh..

Anyway, I went in Vincci+.. boy oh boy..they have a lot of those bedazzled heels like these.. buuuttt.. there's always a but kan? their smallest is a size 4..!! Tried it on..yeah it's big on me. bye bye beautiful shoes..
Hmm..kasut ada bunga on the ankle like these pun cantik kan?? Simple & sweet..

So, the search went on... and I found my almost perfect wedding shoe...

behold~ *tears*

Cost me less than RM100 je.. nak pakai 1 hari je kan?hehe

The next day i went shoe hunting for my hantaran shoe which is a casual shoe that he wanted me to wear everyday.. the process went on the same..hukhuk

p/s: 4 months to go.


GoosieGoose said...

size 3? really? u re that small?
pttlah nama little Cinderella. :P

yay for u! dah jumpa wedding shoes!
my wedding shoes is gonna be flat. mana nak cari taktahu lah :(

nurul izayani said...

cantiknye!! kasut iza biasa2 je, hehe..

Little Cinderella said...

Iza: kasut iza kasut jugak okay... sgt sweett warna pink..siap ada bunga kat depan ;)

Little Cinderella said...

Ain: I kene pakai heels, nanti bride duduk bawah ketiak groom je..hihi.

Cari dimerata tempat..setiap kedai kasut masuk!huhu including parkson+jusco.

GtoB said...

Yaay for uuuuu