Sunday, January 15, 2012

..and I started to panic.

Assalamualaikum Girls =))

Gosh, lama betul tinggalkan blog nih..hehehe. Alhamdulillah, during my hiatus, I've settle a lot of things for the wedding. To my surprise, I only have 4 MONTHS left for the big day. 4 MONTHS!!!

huhh huhh huhh~ tarik nafass...

Let see what I have settle so far..

1. Bought all the hantaran for me and for him already. (except for the cake & tafsir)
2. Booked a vendor to do the hantaran decoration.
3. Paid 80% for our OP.
4. Send my reception dress for tailoring, but there was a bit of a problem so I asked them to fixed already. So i have to wait till March to see the outcome.
5. Bought the material for solemnization and groom reception.
6. Booked MUA.

What i haven NOT done..

1. KURSUS KAHWIN!!!! hahhahaha.. My fiance already went. We are long distance couple mind you.
2. All the little things like tudung, veil, HB, henna, SHOES!!, doorgift, cake/cupcakes, etc..

Oh my, the list just goes on and on.. and I need to find a part-time job pronto to get all these little things!!


I feels like it was just yesterday that I got engaged... =/

p/s: mungkin harus bertenang dulu sebelum buat post, ngehehehe


blogtilldrop said...

dont panic ok...take it by one..still got 4 more months

Jom makan-makan: Kafe Ipoh Station

GoosieGoose said...

Welcome back! chill Cinderella oi :P

oh smlm i nampak dkt groupon ada cupcakes bouquet for rm50. cuba tgk. its 50% discount kot.

lol. should ajak u pergi kursus kahwin dgn i haritu. i baru je pergi.

Little Cinderella said...

GoosieGoose! Argh..nyesal x announce cari org nak tag along g kursus kawin.. kawan2 i sume xnak pegi pulak T__T.

Oh..lupa pulak pasal disc website tu..heheh..


Little Cinderella said...

4 month tu kejap je kejam celik ~