Tuesday, August 16, 2011

#7 - on decorating hantaran

Assalamualaikum =))

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Right now I'm looking for ideas to decorate my engagement hantaran. Remember that i'm going for DIY? Yeah. The other day I was talking to my bf on how i should decorate the basket. Whether i should put the flower at the side of the basket, the handle of the basket, or at the bottom of the basket.. It drives him nuts!!hahaha.. he just couldn't believe that girls go through all the trouble on the details. I told him, well this is just a basket, wait till the day where we have to choose the interior for our home. Then he laugh like a psychopath..poor thing.hahaha. Relax la syg.. I just want to make the basket pretty for you.

I found this simple how to make a bow tutorial which i could use, or you guys might want to try it too. Or is there any other simple yet prettier tutorial for a bow??

Oh, one more thing.. I am desperately looking for an oval box to put his songkok in. Where can i find a cute songkok box? OR is there any place that we can custom-made a box to any shapes any sizes?? emergencyyy..

All these box are from overseas store.


rara pinkmafia said...

rara masih x de idea nk buat hantaran ni =(

Little Cinderella said...

upah or diy? rara lg 2 bulan kan??dekat da tu.. cube tgk Bingkisan buat ni.. =) http://www.bingkisan.my/2010/10/monochrome-collection.html

nurin.Sh said...

cik cinderella, kenapa tak guna fresh flower?

for all i know guna artificial flower is more expensive dari beli fresh flower especially if u nak the one yang looks real.

opinion sy je :)

Little Cinderella said...

nurin, mmg suke fresh flower, tp tak confident nak decorate dalam masa 2-3 hari.. so gune artificial dlu..first time menggubah. nikah nanti try fresh flower la.hehe.

actually harga fresh flower brape?

iyfahjo said...

hi,jom xchange link
i'm new b2b too!



nurin.Sh said...

i think for a dozen of roses u can get dlm rm 10. hee i pon tak sure sbb masa tunang unty yang sponsor. but try la survey around.im pretty sure tak mahal sangat.and if u nak jimat lagi avoid beli boxes and baskets yang mahal sbb tu semua cost.

if u letak je ur barang hantaran dekat dlm dulang tu lagi jimat.

Little Cinderella said...

huhuu..yea i agree, all those boxes n basket sgt mahal, and bunga artificial cost about rm2.50 to rm8 each... but in total still boleh jimat around rm300 dari hantar upah. kalo bole jimat lg byk lg bagus kan?hhehe..

good idea, maybe buat utk nikah since da beli sume barang2..