Thursday, August 11, 2011

#6 - on reality check

Assalamualaikum =))

Wow, believe it or not, its been 11 days already we've been fasting. I feel guilty for not updating this blog. Maybe there not much to blog about since I haven't been doing anything major on the engagement preparation.

Oh, i just realize something, as i blog walking, i see that there are a few b2b bloggers uses the name Cinderella in their blog name. Hai there cinderella and non-cinderella!heheh.. Well, i didn't mean to copy, it's just a coincidence. I put the name Cinderella because there is a story behind it.hehe..

Anyway, things are becoming clearer on how to plan the wedding as it gets closer to THE date. Clearer but more complicated!! What do I mean by that? haha..

Right now I'm in the "reality check" phase, which comes after the "fairytale wedding dream" phase.
This is the fairytale wedding phase were we day-dream every single day on how we wanted our wedding to be like. Putting themes together and surveying around on the up-to-date design of dress, dais, door-gift, etc. Some even think of on pulling a gimmicks during their big day. But all that dreams will shatter when you look at your bank account.huhu. This is the "reality check" phase.heheh. I'm not going to emphasize on the budget, but more on the influence of people around us.
At this phase, things can get reallyy messy. This is when you start surveying seriously and checking the quo with vendors and starts buying stuff for the dresses, decorations, etc. Being a bride-to-be trying to realizing our dream wedding, we will do things like how we had imagine. Especially if we uses our own budget. We do things what we think appropriate to us and won't damage our wallet. The problem starts when the bride and groom-to-be decided on something, and somebody else came into the picture to do the other way around. No you can't do this, u can't do that, you have to do it this way, you have to give this much of hantaran, you have to sponsor this and that to your relatives, you can't buy that its out-dated, you can't give that for hantaran, u have to do this ceremony first, you have to do the wedding during school holiday, bla bla bla bla.. Would you like to sponsor so that I can do all the things you suggested?? =) I'm fine when people wants to contributes and gives ideas, but what I don't like are those that only knows how to complain and and force us to do things their ways as if its their weddings. Thank god I don't have to deal with that (yet).

So, better keep this in mind, ignorance is bliss,
masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri, buat dekk jela...


Cik Zimie said...

yeah thats true.jangan pedulikan suara2 makcik bedah itu.happy preparing cinderella :)

~ NANA ~ said...

spend wisely for ur wedding day dear...juz ignore the 'rubbish' sounds....hehe

gud luck!

hakamah hamyadi said...

nice ur blog..and follow

Little Cinderella said...

Zimie: haii zimie salam perkenalan.. mak cik bedah, senah, joyah sume ade.. happy preparing to u too! =)

nana: hai nana, salam perkenalan..=) itu la, certain things kite boleh take into consideration & tolerate skit2... yg mengarut2 tu abaikan saje..

Little Cinderella said...

haii hakama..thanks ya =)r u wedding blogger too?

anaztasias nora aira said...

abaikan sahaja dear :(

Little Cinderella said...

harap boleh sentiasa positive =)

rara pinkmafia said...

yeah mesti tak sabar kan.rara pun same =)