Wednesday, August 3, 2011

#5 - on beading works

Assalamualaikum =))

Happy third day fasting ladies. . hee
For the past few days, I haven't really got the chance to browse the Internet.. I just went online for a couple of minutes to check my emails, comments, etc and then turn off the computer. Ramadhan kept me busy i guess..hee.. busy in the kitchen & doing house chores.

Anyway, since my solemnization is going to be in mid-next year, i guess i better start surveying where is the best place to get my dress done. I already have the rough idea on how i wanted my dress to be like. Just a simple plain chiffon modern kurung with lace/beading works.

I know there are plenty of designer out there where I can get my dress done.. but remember.. budget ladies.. hehee.. As i was surveying around, I came across these three dresses wore by our local artist.

Elyana dress by Hatta Dolmat

Siti Sarah Dress by Hatta Dolmat

Shera Ayub dress by Hatta Dolmat

Beautiful isn't it? Ironically all three dresses are design by Hatta Dolmat. WOW! Couldn't afford that. But I really love his beading works on these dresses. Especially Shera Ayub's crumble beads! And notice the little flower on Elyana and Siti Sarah dress? It's rosetta made from organza.

Here's a kurung with full organza rosetta on the wrist and the bottom. I think this is very beautiful and might want to consider this for my dress. But the cost..tisk.. could be more than RM250 for the beading alone..

My dress is going to be in white, so I prefer something like below. A full beading kurung on the neck, wrist, and bottom. Usually a very simple beading works cost about RM150 to RM200. I wonder how much it would cost to do these kind of beading works?

Sari Yanti Dress by ??

I love Sari Yanti dress bead works!! But I think her's is more like a patch lace with diamonds. Now I'm confuse!! Should I go for beads or patch lace??

Need to consider also that I have to make a matching veil and scarf that goes with the dress which might add another RM250 (maybe) to the total cost. Hmmm, now I'm over my budget that I allocate for the solemnization dress. Keep in mind that I can't buy a ready-made kurung, there's no size for me =(.

Help!!! In this problem normal?? does this happen to all b2b??? This is so burdening.

I hope I can find someone to do the beading at a good price with fine works.

Maybe I should just settle with a simple neck beading but with big acrylic stones. We'll see =))

Stay on budget!!!


rara pinkmafia said...

cantekkan =)

Renee Meow said...

serious cantek.... :D

Cinderella said...

rara & renee: drooling suda nii..x sabar nak tgk baju sendiri.. =)

Cik Zimie said...

its normal dear.there's also no bj kurung size for me either.kena tempah :)

Little Cinderella said...

tempah pakai sekali xpela kan..once in a life time kahwin..hehe

.:shura shushi:. said...

cantik kn..rase-rase mahal tak??

Follow u back =)

Little Cinderella said...

thanks shura =) hatta dolmat ke? ribu raban la..x silap rm3k.. not as expensive mcm arma..

Fara said...

why don't you go for both beads and patch lace.. do the patch lace and sew the beads on top.. plus some crystals.. ;)

Little Cinderella said...

kan?? i think that's the best too. that would be lovely, mcm sari yanti's dress.. I pon rase2 mcm tu la nak buat nanti for nikah ;)

Anonymous said...

those dresses by hatta memang chantek!!actually i pun b2b jugak tp on march lah.i mmg minat hatta punyer design!seriously!mmg tersendiri kan..?lagi kagum bile tgh baju memey yg die i cntct him directly.nak suroh buat beeds je kat baju.then last2 die offer 3k skali dgn satu lagi baju mcm bini tomok tu serta dgn veil 5m and kasut die...berbaloi2!!u should ask him.nanti die akan buat semampu bujet you.die sgt2 baik!seriously!!suroh buat beeds je pun die OK!tapi sgt puas hati!:-D