Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#12 checklist

Assalamualaikum =))

Checklist mode!!! Maybe I should list down all the things that need to be done for the engagement to get rid of my edginess, and hopefully not to miss out any important things that I need for the ceremony. Girls, do go through the checklist with me yah?? ;)

**drum rolls** cewahh

1. Attire
hers - DONEE!! (dress & tudung siti)
his - matching shirt - done

2. Make-up
book & follow-up already

3. Mini Dais
book! need to follow-up

4. Hantaran
my side - DIY by me still working on it (need to find dulang hantaran & kain alas)
his side - DIY by his sister & and the ring is with him already.

5. Catering - need to follow up!
menu - kampung styleeee ;)
canopy - 2 canopy, 8 tables, dining set, buffet table, etc

6. Jurucakap/juruadat
hers - informed!! need to find backup..hehe
his - informed!!

7. Photographer - need to follow-up!!

8. Doorgift - pending

9. Invitations - need to remind family & friends again..huhu

Things that I need to make clear with my parent & him:
1. Amount of duit hantaran
2. Duration of the engagement
3. Amount of hantaran and the items of it.

Thanks to Liyana scr for the guideline! ;)

Any minor things but important things i missed?

I want to keep our engagement a secret from the people around me.. I guess it's impossible nowadays... At least i could do is not to change my FB status to engaged!! If i do that for sure everyone will knows. I can't believe i'm getting engaged.. my initial plan was to go straight from merisik to nikahh.. now here I am..

Question of the day: Do I need to go through with the photographer (before the event) on how he will shoot, what kind of pictures I want him to take, brief him the flow of the event?? Before event on the same day or days before??


ni@ @in said...

slmt bertunang little cinderella...
mjlis dh mkin dekat kan...
gud luck for u...

Little Cinderella said...

thank you ain..
yup..da dekat hujung bulan ni dah..
dup dap dup dap..~