Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#11 Counting days

Assalamualaikum ;))

So.. How's everyone's Aidil Fitri celebration?? Hope it was a pleasant one for everyone. I'm sure some of you here had a memorable event going on earlier this month **wink** Congratulation to all~

My Aidil Fitri celebration went well too because I got to celebrate it with him..hehee. Everyone back in my hometown knows about the up coming event. So it's all about the wedding preparations pep talk and teasing asking about my future hubby, where will I work, where will I stay...how marriage life will be like, how the next Aidil Fitri we have to choose which side to go back on the first day, etc.... grown-up do have such high imaginations for us..huhuhu

The bad news is, I only received 4 ang pow this year..huhuhu.. They knows that I'm getting married, so they decided not to give me any money.. T___T..

Now it's time to shift the mood from Aidil Fitri mood to engagement day mood. It's gonna be end of this month so I better start doing follow-up with the vendors and make some payments $$$$$...

vendors to contact
make-up, cupcakes, cookies, sirih junjung, dais, catering, canopy, photographer

It's just going to be a small and simple event with the attendance of my relatives and close friends...

Oh God.. I get nervous just by writing this entry. So many little things needs to be done in roughly two weeks.. little but when put together make up the whole event.. huhuhuhu


adnil linda said...

little by little...smapi sume jd...good luck..jgn nebes2...hehehe

Little Cinderella said...

hehehe..nerve wracking..takot je ade ape2 persiapan yg x cukup..