Saturday, July 30, 2011

#3 - on Ramadhan preparation

Assalamualaikum =))

As we all know Ramadhan is approaching us in a few days more. I'm sure as a bride to be, this will be the last time that we are going to celebrate Ramadhan as a single women! at least for most of us.


W-I-F-E!! wooottt!! This is huge! =))


I think this month would be the most prefect month to prepare ourselves for a greater responsibilities in the future. Hey, i'm not a perfect person nor a perfect Muslim. I would really really love to take this opportunity to improve myself in many ways so that I can prepare myself to be a better Muslim, a better wife for him, and a better daughter for my mom and dad. There are still a lot more that I need to learn. It's better late than never. Better soon than later. =))
My expectation is that i could continue all the daily practices in Ramadhan throughout the year insyaAllah.

I found a very informative website on Ramadhan and how we can take advantage of this beautiful month to bring ourselves closer to Allah SWT.

Question of the day: Maybe some of you can share your experience how is it different fasting with a husband? hehe

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