Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#2 - on engagement hantaran

Assalamualaikum =))

Today i want to talk about my hantaran preparation for the engagement. Me and him decided to the the hantaran together. So our hantaran will most probably looks almost the same, except for the color theme. I'm looking for something very-very simple for the decoration since it is only for engagement. We don't want to splurge too much on the deco right? Especially on an engagement since we still have THE BIG day to plan ahead. Plus, i'm on a budget.hehee

Simple does not mean it will look dull and cheap. It's only the matter of how you decorate it and the material you use to decorate. Less is always MORE. Trust me. =) You don't need a bunch of flower to make it look lovely. In fact, with just 3-4 petals of flowers and a ribbon, your hantaran will still look great!! Here's a few of a simple hantaran that caught my eyes. Even though it is simple, but it has the touch of exclusiveness to it.

See, what did i tell you.. it looks great right? If you are on a budget, better we go for something like this right? We can even make these type of hantaran ourself, the DIY way. hehee. In fact, I'll be DIY-ing my hantaran for him too. I think the total cost to buy all the material for the decoration is less than RM40 per hantaran. Here is a sneak peak of my Rm40 DIY hantaran. What do you guys think? =) So let say you have 7 hantaran, that means you would only have to spend less than RM300 for the decorations, and you get to keep all the stuff.

Question of the day: How much are you willing to spend on your hantaran deco (solemnization)?


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