Wednesday, October 5, 2011

#16 Pelamin Anganku Musnah

Assalamualaikum girls ;)

I'm a bit down today..just a bit..doesn't effect my daily routine. You know how every bride-to-be would have their dream wedding/solemnization dais? Well i had will remain as a dream dais forever.. DREAM dais.. not REALITY DAIS. huhuhu.. Since my solemnization is the only event that i'm not sharing with my sister, so I thought I could come out with the dais ideas 100% according to what I like.. without taking consideration how my sister would do her's. But... wait, i'll tell you the 'but' story later.. Before that..let me show you my DREAM solemnization dais... All these dais are made by Persada Embun & Party Popperz. I love the wooden backdrop concept and the colorful paper flowers and origami on the backdrop. I love love love love the dais~

Is it beautiful??? =))

Buttt... ok here goes the but..

After a conversation with my mom and my fiance (ewah) today.. they decided "NO PELAMIN FOR AKAD NIKAH!!" wahh.. dramatic sungguh kann nak bold kan statement mereka..hahaha.

My mom said the reason is that I'm gonna a big wedding dais on the reception day no need for another one at home. I told her.. no it's not for bersanding, but it's for taking pictures during and after the solemnization event.. At least the event will look good in the pictures since we also hiring a professional photographer. After coaxing and convincing about the idea of I NEED TO HAVE A DAIS with to mom and fiance, they finally agree to my ideas... buttttt..

there's another "but"...

I can't hire anyone to do the dais... be continue


ni@ @in said...

suke yg 1st tu..unik n classic(^^)
awk sbr ek..kdg2 xsume yg kite impikan,kite xsalah nk berangan kan..senyum k..tamo sedey2

Little Cinderella said...

mula tu mmg la sikit je..hee

tp xpe..kite bole cari alternative lain kan.. pucuk panggal kite nak majlis berjalan lancar =))

GtoB said...

aaaa...thats the spirit.. eh who says the dais is the only thing u're not sharing with your sis? have u forgotten me?...hheeeeheh...rilek le..ok?:)

Mimis said...

Pelamin pic no 1 tu cantik sgt... sesuai dgn my concept utk reception nnt.. :)

Little Cinderella said...

cantik kan..boleh la u buat pelamin cmni..mesti cantik ;)

Little Cinderella said...

GtoB: ahahaha..of not sharing you with anyone!!!