Monday, October 31, 2011

#18 Wedding Gift Registry

Assalamualaikum girls ;))

Actually, this entry has been in my draft for two months already..huhuhu.. but I'm a bit lazy to continue writing...and still am. heee.. Actually right now i'm in the mid of the semester.. so yeahh, lots of midterm test, presentation and assignments to do.
Lets talk about presents =D One thing i like about a wedding is that the bridegroom receives lots of gift.. and a very practical gift too.. I think the most common gift that people give is a glassware and iron, don't you think so? I remember when my aunt got married, she got 10 irons!!! hahahaha. of course she didn't kept it all... boleh buat harta pusaka turun menurun, 3 genarasi baru abis guna.. ~

IF, only IF.. we can apply wedding gift registry here in Malaysia, which I think is not very appropriate in culture. IF i have the power to choose the gift from my friends.. I would love love love love to have these gift below..hehehe

But lets not go overboard and make a gift registry.
If my friends ask me what I want fro my wedding, I least I have a priority list to choose from..hiks ^___^

1. Mini Blender Set

2. Slow Cooker

3. Multifunction Vegetables Grater

4. Cookware

5. Food Carrier / Mangkuk Tingkat

6. Toaster / Sandwich Toaster

7. Knife

8. Dining Spoon Set

9. Mixer / Hand Mixer


nurin.Sh said...

Almost all of it are kitchenware.u suka masak jugak eh? high five! :P

Little Cinderella said...

I think ALL kot kitchenware..huhuhu
high five! suka masak, tp x pandai.. hmm..mcm mane tu

Renee Meow said...

i suke kucing..bleh x i nak present kucing untuk future home?? hehehehehe.. ;p joking2..

almost all kitchenware tu mmg i pon nak! i suka spend time at dapur n masak2.. hehe :D

Little Cinderella said...

bole bg kalo breed yg rare tu beli sendiri la..hihihihi

tu la i ske kalo dpt will save us a lot kan..sbb kitchenware mmg byk kene beli kan..