Thursday, July 14, 2011

Introduction Entry

Assalamualaikum, =))

I don't know how to start this. Hye, you guys can call me Cinderella for the time being because I'm not ready to reveal myself yet. Don't worry, i'm not here to cheat or fraud anyone. I'm a real person, just that I don't want my identity to be reveal to the public, yet. Sooner or later, I will reveal who I am. Not that I am someone famous or anything. Not even close! I just feels that it is too early to break the news to the world. When the time is right, everyone will know. =)

The main reason why I open up this blog is because I'm a B2B!! Helloooo to all B2B and ex-B2B! =)) InsyaAllah my wedding will be held mid next year. So, I was hoping through blogging about my preparation towards my happily ever after, we could share ideas, the problems encounter, and helping each other out with the other b2b. Hopefully everything run smooth for all of us. InsyaAllah. =)

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Ana said...

hey there..

i'm blogging too abt my wedding preps.

u can come visit me blog

password: beautiful

we can exchange ideas!!